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Stars in the Sky Benefit

Posted on by Patrick

Maggie posted about this already, but I thought I would describe it here as well.

Thursday night we went to the “Stars in the Sky” benefit for the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps, a set of camps for kids with life threatening illnesses founded by Paul Newman.

This event was amazing! Our tickets were also very good. We were sitting in the first 2 seats of the second tier boxes to the left of the stage. We were right on top of the stage and got very close views of every performer. And what a list that was.

We missed the very beginning, but got there in time for the main performances. First up was Tony Bennett. What a voice this man has. He sang 4 songs, one without a microphone. And he could be heard all the way to the back of the theater.

Next up was the Emerson String Quartet. They played a movement from Dvorak. (I think that’s the composer). It was very good. I think seeing them in full concert would be a nice evening.

Then, Paul McCartney came out and sang “Yesterday” and “Lady Madonna”. That was really cool to see. I mean, one of the remaining Beatles. Sir Paul! Awesome.

The next act was a group called Anti-Gravity, and they did some amazing acrobatics with some girls hanging from the ceiling in sheets doing moves thay defied physics. And the main performer on the stage was balacing umbrellas on edge on her feet and flipping them around. I was amazed!

Then, one of my all-time favorite comedians, stepped on stage. The one and only Robin Williams. He did about 15-20 minutes of material that ranged from the new pope, to the president, to NYC and the omlympic bid. I was in tears laughing so hard.

After the crowd recovered from laughing, Julia Roberts came out and read a college essay from one of the campers. This essay really tugged at your heart. It almost had the room in tears. I was pretty sure that when she finished, Julia was going to tell us this girl had died. But instead, she introduced the girl and she walked out. Which is pretty amazing since she had had her leg amputated because of cancer. The crowd gave the girl a standing ovation.

Next up was a R&B singer who’s name escapes me, but she sang a beautiful version of “I belive I can fly”. She was backed by an amazing gospel choir. It was a fitting end to the night of performances. Paul Newman finished it off by saying a few words.

Afterwards, for the people who paid some serious money to be there, they had a dinner and auction. Apparently Robin Williams ran the auction and it was a riot. Lots of famous people there as well. Which was kind funny sine when we got there, we had to walk past the photographers that would normally be taking shots of the famous people walking in. I totally felt like Steve Martin’s character in LA Story when they go to that fancy restuarant and get ignored by all the photographers.

It was certainly one of the coolest things I’ve ever been to. And the money went to a great cause which made it even better.

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