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Getting back on the wagon

Posted on by Patrick

For those who followed my blog through the early parts of 2005, you know that I had started a new diet and exercise regimen. Just before we moved back to Texas from New Jersey, I had lost roughly 60 pounds or so. I’m sad and embarrassed to say that after returning back home, I lost my groove and my will power. In the past year I’ve gained it all back, plus a couple of pounds. It started out small, like stopping eating right, but I was still working out. But soon even that fell to the wayside. I’ve been trying to get motivated to get “back on the wagon” as they say, but I was just too tempted by food and laziness.

I think I’ve turned a corner on that though. Last weekend, I saw a photo of me at close to my smallest during our time in Jersey. When I saw that, and what I had looked like, I found new determination to get back to what I was doing and put this weight off and finally stick to it. Even here at home with all my old cravings and distractions.

Since Monday I’ve been back on my strict 1800 calorie per day diet and I went to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday like I used to do. Now I just need to make it through the weekend and workout Saturday and Sunday and I will have put together my first full week of staying on my plan since being back home. I remember back that the first week was the hardest, and if I can do it again, I know I can get back to how I was before where I’m not even thinking about it. It will just come naturally to eat healthy and exercise.

I want to thank my wife for a) not getting too naggy about me putting all the weight back on and b) giving me encouragement this week. I’d also like to thank my co-workers for trying in the past not to tempt me with eating lunch out. I brought myself along and should have been stronger. I’d also like to thank Kevin Flemmer for trying to get me to the gym on a regular basis by being my work out buddy.

So here I go, again. This time I’m determined to make this stick for the lifetime change it needs to be.

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