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Drop The Puck!

Posted on by Patrick

Tomorrow the start of the 2007-2008 NHL Season and I’m pumped up for it. Well, I guess technically, the season started over the weekend in London, but that was almost like exhibition games. Tomorrow is the real start when all the teams in the league get going.

And that includes my beloved Dallas Stars. They had a heartbreaking first round loss to those pesky Vancouver Canucks, but I’m hoping for good things this year. Not many people are seeing the Stars have success based on the fact they had some terrible offense during the end of last year and didn’t make any significant offseason moves.

It got me thinking about the beginning of last year. Before the injury bug hit, the Stars offense was clicking and we were 11-2. Then Steve Ott got injured and we lost the heart of the energy line. Then Modano and Morrow went down and the offense never really recovered, even when they came back. The rhythm wasn’t there.

So I think that gives hope to this year’s team. Most everyone is healthy, except for Mike Ribeiro ( who was our top scorer ) but he should be back in about a week, and I’m thinking this might be the year for some of the younger guys to break out. I’m also hoping that maybe one day the coaches will allow a little more offensive creativity at the expense of defense and let Turco clean up any mistakes. As both Mike Heika and The Razor have said, “You only need to score more than your opponent, even if that means 6-5”.

I’m a little disappointed Chris Conner didn’t make the team to start the season since he was the highest scorer for the Stars in the pre-season. I’m betting he’s the first call up if there’s an injury to a forward.

So here’s the start of another hockey season! It will be great taking it all in! ( Did I mention I got Center Ice this year? That’s all the hockey games every night! )

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