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This is not exactly the post for those of you afraid of flying. I’ve had this links and videos sitting in a text file on my computer since February when I found them. I was supposed to blog about them a long time ago, but I never could seem to find the time. Today, I made that time.

It all started when I saw this photo:

Then I started searching around for crazy places to land and found the following.

Low Landings

This is a series of YouTube videos of various low landing approaches in St. Maarten.

Next up is anding at Culebra Airport in San Juan.

This last one is a link because YouTube won’t allow me to embed it:

Low Landing in Honduras

Hong Kong

This is a representative clip I found of the landings at the now retired Kai-Tak Airport in Hong Kong.

Finally, I leave you with a link to a story about the most dangerous places to land. Enjoy!

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