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Netflix Pricing

Posted on by Patrick

Something funny I noticed the other day about Netflix’s pricing when I was considering us upgrading to the 4 disk a month plan: After you reach the 3 disks at a time plan, the incremental cost per disk stays the same. I would think it would continue to go down.

Here’s the breakdown:

Disks Cost per disk
1 8.99
2 6.995
3 5.66333333333333
4 5.9975
5 5.998
6 5.99833333333333
7 5.99857142857143
8 5.99875

As you can see, the price per disk actually goes up at disk 4 and then stays the same. To me the best deal would continue to be the 3 disk deal.

I can understand they have more postage handling at those higher levels, but this would appear to be against the normal “lower cost in higher quantities” logic you normally apply to bulk purchasing.

Just a small quirk I noticed.

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