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10 years

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Maggie and Me standing on the Brooklyn Bridge

On June 1, Maggie and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. It’s been an incredible time and she’s the best wife and friend I could have ever asked for. To celebrate we took a trip to NYC. It was the first time we’d been back to the city since 2007 and we had a great time. Having lived there from 2004-2005, we mostly wanted to see old favorite spots and have some of the foods we really missed. Above is a picture of us taken on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I, of course, went looking for Street Meat. Sadly, the guy I used to go to was no longer there, but we found a couple of great carts. That’s right, I had street meat three times while we were there! It was everything I remembered.

We also made it down to Chinatown to get hot pork soup sticky buns, which apparently only exist there. So, so good. We had an awkward moment looking for the place we used to go to. We found the location and went in, but quickly realized, it was no longer the same place. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize this until after we were seated. I realized, we’d passed the new location of the place we liked because I saw the sticky buns pictured in the window as we walked by. I quickly apologized to our waiter and gave him $5 for his trouble and we headed out. Once we sat down at the other location, we immediately knew we were in the right place and were in sticky bun heaven very soon.

We spent time doing a few things we hadn’t done before, most notably we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge 2

We also spent time in Central Park reading under the trees in Poet’s Walk as well as some time controlling the RC Sailboats at the Central Park Conservatory:

RC Sailboats in Central Park

On our first trudge through Times Square, Maggie decided to stop and listen to a guy handing out his Hip Hop CD, and I loved this shot I captured of them:

Helping out an artist

When I used to work in Midtown, I would often get breakfast at the Duke Cafe on 41st Street at Broadway. Imagine my surprise when we got breakfast there and the same two breakfast cooks where there:

Breakfast Cooks

We got tickets to see Wicked on our anniversary night and we ended up being able to get pretty amazing seats. It’s a fantastic show, I would highly recommend seeing it:


We also took a quick trip over to our old neighborhood in New Jersey to see how things where. Not much had changed and it was nice to be reminded of that time when we lived there. I was also reminded that I used to run up this escalator on my way home from work:

Very tall escalator

There are some more photos from our trip over here if you want to check them out.

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