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Dylan’s Candy Bar

Posted on by Patrick

During our anniversary trip, Maggie and I made a point to go visit Dylan’s Candy Bar. For those that haven’t been, it’s an awesome 3 story candy store in NYC. It’s hard to capture just how much candy is in this place, but I’ve tried with the following photos. We plan on taking our kids here in the future, but we also know that once we do, we’ll never get them to leave the store.

The center of the first level has this circle of assorted candy that is everything you can basically think of from licorice to jawbreakers.

Part of the ring of candy

Another part of the ring of candy

Also on the first floor is a wall of gummy candy.

Gummy candy wall

Getting closer to the wall of gummy candy, on the top shelf is this amazing item: a 5 lb. gummy bear.

Giant Gummy Bear

The stairs are clear have all sorts of candy embedded into them.

Candy Stairs

The have these two messages on the landings.

Candy Stairs Message #1

Candy Stairs Message #2

In the basement of the store are two walls of gum balls.

Wall of gumballs #1

Wall of gumballs #2

The also have a wall of things like raisins and sunflower seeds covered in different colors of chocolate. They are delicious.

Wall of chocolate covered things

And of course a wall of M&Ms.

M&M wall

And a wall of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Wall of Jelly Beans

Along the back wall is an amazing assortment of candy bars from all time frames.

Wall of Candy Bars

I was shocked to find candy cigarettes, as I didn’t think they were made anymore

Candy Cigarettes

And finally they have very large Smarties.

Big Smarties

Something I didn’t take pictures of is all the clothing, pillows and assorted other things that are all candy themed. From M&M pillows to Mario themed candy boxes. And after you’ve looked at all the candy and other things in the basement and on the first floor, if you head up to the 2nd floor they have ice cream and shakes. It’s such an amazing place, if you’re ever in NYC you should definitely check it out.

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