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NSConference 2012

Posted on by Patrick

Back in March, I had the opportunity to attend NSConference in Reading, England. Scotty, Dave, Claire and their team have put together a great show from venue to the speaker lineup to the food.

One of things that’s great about NSConference is that it’s held a ways out of town at a country club style hotel. Because it’s out so far, the only place to really hang out is in the Pub, so everyone does. It’s one of the few conferences where I feel like I could get a chance to talk to everybody there. It’s also great to get to talk a lot of the Europeans I interact with online that don’t get a chance to make it over to US events. Oddly enough, I also met a couple of my fellow MartianCraft devs in-person for the first time there as well.

I have a photo set on Flickr of a few pictures I took during the conference.

There’s one photo’s story I do want to tell:

Neil gets his

I had dinner with the other MartianCraft folks that were at NSConference at an Indian restaurant. When it came time to order dessert, Neil Inglis (pictured) just wanted some ice cream. The only part of the dessert menu that had just ice cream was the kids section. Even better: it was served in a think called a “Punky”. Neil tried several times to order just “plain ice cream”, but in the end he had to say “I’d like to order a Punky”. And it came to the table and much fun was had at Neil’s expense. Luckily he was a good sport about it.

It looks like Scotty has already got the dates for next year’s NSConference posted for March 4th-6th. I highly recommend attending if you can.

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